Communication is a primary need of human beings, nay, of all the living. it builds up the fabric of the family and society.

Sign language was replaced by sounds, sounds by structured languages, spoken first, then written. Music communicated moods and emotions. Poems evoked images in words, while paintings captured reality more directly.

Photography froze moments of reality, for all time to come. Cinema could capture a slice of life in real time. with sound and colour, it came even closer to the original reality. The captured reality of cinema can be played and replayed, making the viewer ‘present’ to the reality, even years after the ‘event’.

Television has added the dimension of contemporaneity to the capture, reproduction/ transmission of the ‘captured’ reality worldwide . Satellite linkages make it possible for anyone, anywhere to be ‘present’ NOW and in real time, at the event as it unfolds.

The power and omni-presence of the Mass Media, especially Television, are a fact of life. The Challenge, and opportunity, today is to use the Media to create a better world for all.

Gurjarvani is committed to the use of the Mass Media for integral human development. We produce and distribute audio and video programmes for the material, emotional and spiritual development of all human beings. Faith Formation, Value Education, Human Development, Environment Culture,.. are some of the areas of our production. We also provide Media training and Media education.

Although our target audience/viewers are the whole human race, our predilection is to reach out to the marginalized and the more vulnerable women, children, the poor,….. if only we could let their cry be heard in and through GURJARVANI ( Voice of Gujarat ).